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Northern Gateway Heat Network

About this Project

Colchester Borough Council (CBC) and Colchester Amphora Energy Ltd (wholly owned by CBC) are developing an innovative low-carbon heat network to supply heat to homes, offices and healthcare facilities at Colchester’s proposed new Northern Gateway development.

The basic technologies are well proven and used in other parts of the world, however, a project of this type and scale has not been done before in the UK. This is therefore a significant flagship project, both for Colchester and the UK. In 2017, it was 1 of only 9 operations in the UK to gain funding from the Department for Business, Enterprise & Industrial Strategy (BEIS) Heat Network Investment Project.

Key Features

+ The primary heat source will be an 800kW open loop water-source heat pump utilising five 135 metre boreholes into the chalk aquifer 75 metres below ground level.

+ Water is pumped out of the ground at 12 degrees and returned at 5 degrees Centigrade. The heat pump then concentrates the heat to produce hot water at 65 degrees C.

+ There is over 550m separation between abstraction and re-injection boreholes.

+ Heat is supplied to houses and offices via a pipe network and a heat interface unit (HIU) with a heat meter marking the change between the Heat Network and house/office systems.

+ Heat is charged by a small daily standing charge and per kilowatt of heat used, the same as gas or electricity.

Benefits of this Project

+ The project will deliver approximately 5.5 GWh of low carbon heat per year when the Northern Gateway development is complete, this equates to about 80% of the total heat required. This technology is seen as potentially an important part of reducing carbon for the heating of homes and offices.

+ Value for consumers: A district heat network can offer extremely competitive and stable energy prices over the long term and a centralised heat source is more efficient in carbon savings than individual boilers.

+ Renewable heat networks support Colchester’s local sustainability aims to become a greener and eco-friendlier place to live, work and play.

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About Amphora Energy

Colchester Amphora Energy Limited (CAEL) is an Energy Company, promoting the use of more low carbon sources of heat and power through a range of projects and initiatives, delivering new energy choices for people in Colchester.

CAEL has experience within the energy sector and is currently building an innovative and highly sustainable district heat network to the north of the borough, at Colchester Northern Gateway.

Colchester Amphora Energy is wholly owned by Colchester Borough Council

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